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Our History

Above Xpectations Track Club started under the name of “Fast Cats” at the Clarence Fraim Boys and Girls Club in 2005. Antwain Flowers, an employee of the establishment, noticed two students who were not engaging in athletic activities due to limited choices of basketball and football. After a conversation with the campers, Antwain revealed how he ran track in high school and college. Gaining the interest of the campers, Mr. Flowers proposed that a track team be added as an athletic choice for club members.

After approval from a supervisor, the Fast Cats started. Initially, the approval consisted of the two students being permitted to run back and forth in the gym- Mr. Flowers had a bigger vision. By the end of the first year, the membership grew to 16 athletes. Antwain remembers the meager beginnings of the team- they participated in only two meets, and wore uniforms which consisted of homemade shirts designed during an art project and basketball shorts.

When Mr. Flowers left Fraim’s due to a job opportunity, he relocated the team to West End Neighborhood House in Wilmington, Delaware. At this time, there were 30 children on the team. To coincide with the theme of new beginnings, Mr. Flowers decided to rebrand the team by changing the name and the mission under West End Neighborhood House. He wanted a name that was not only catchy, but held a meaning. He renamed the team ‘Above Xpectations’. He admits that he dropped the ‘E’ from Xpectations “just to be creative and different.”

When asked to explain the meaning of the name for the track club, Antwain emphatically explains:

“A lot of the time, our youth do not know how great they actually are. School does not unleash their full potential, society does not view them as contributing members, and too often counts them out before they even get a fighting chance. I wanted a name that had a meaning which resonates each time it is spoken. Above Xpectations. I want my kids to understand that no matter what life may put in their way, they have the ability to rise above any and every obstacle in order to become the very best version of themselves.”

Above Xpectations was a quiet team from Delaware— until they won the AAU Indoor Nationals for Track and Field in 2013. The team was now on the radar. They were featured on www.borntocompete.com as the number one team in the country! The team grew in numbers and accolades. Graduating members went on to college with scholarships, the amount of All-American athletes increased, and national recognition continued.

Today, the team currently serves over 150 athletes, as well as alumni members who have returned to coach or take part on the Open Masters team. Above Xpectations has been recognized by the former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Chris Coons, as well as the City of Wilmington for the success and contributions to the lives of youth in Delaware.